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Built by the industry, for the industry

Chameleon — the new ELITE technology suite — offers the most groundbreaking software in the freight management industry. Our innovative TMS, as well as our desktop and mobile applications, have been built to empower people to more effectively solve customer challenges, create efficiency for carriers, and improve productivity for all.


  • Chameleon automates over 80% of the tasks common to freight management, freeing ELITE staff to step beyond the inefficient, transactional norms of the industry and, instead, focus on the unique shipping needs of each customer, collaborating with them to solve challenges, and working together to build valuable partnerships.


  • Built specifically to help our valued drivers streamline and simplify the administrative tasks required for every trip, the Chameleon Carrier app (for iOS and Android) will eliminate unnecessary check calls, simplify document uploads, provide instantaneous ComChek codes for fuel advances, speed up the payment process, and more.

No-Touch Logistics

Reduce costs throughout all parts of the supply chain with no-touch logistics and machine learning.

Real-Time Visibility

Ensure accountability from all parts of the supply chain by providing real-time visibility to freight.

Data Validation

Increase data integrity using technology-based data validation techniques.

Easy To Use

Streamline freight management processes with technology-powered tools built by the industry, for the industry.

Big-Data Reporting

Optimize future service levels with big data and advanced tools for freight analytics.

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