Drive Down Costs With Shipping Automation

ELITE Freight Market identifies and qualifies a universe of top carriers to best serve your needs.

Today’s supply chains require flexibility and reliability. Yesterday’s technology just doesn’t cut it. Decisions must be guided by real time data and processed by professionals dedicated to your satisfaction. ELITE customers rely on our TMS — The Chameleon Suite of advanced logistics tools. But what they may not know is the level of automation Chameleon provides to the brokering process through ELITE Freight Market.

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How Freight Market Benefits Shippers:

Improve Performancecarrier quality and on-time delivery
Best match assuranceto ensure the right carrier for the right load
Save time and moneywith advanced automation technology
Reduce operational spendthrough lean supply chain processes
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Competitive bidding 
from top carriers keeps prices lower

The more carriers compete for your next load the better. It drives down costs and rewards excellence and performance. By automating the marketplace (we help drive markets lower), ELITE gives clients of every size the buying clout usually reserved for only the big players.

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Find and select the best carrier for each and every shipment

Each shipment is more than just getting from Point A to Point B. Countless variables can now be collected from locations, drivers and past loads and aggregated to inform every decision. This allows ELITE to better identify the best carrier for your next load.

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Machine learning to continuously optimize efficiencies over time

Designed from the ground up to continuously optimize results by shedding light on previously hidden inefficiencies. By automating the process and making subtle improvements, clients realize long-term cost savings and waste reductions.